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Monday, 09 March 2015
The Austrian vase marked 'Amphora' dates from around 1890-1900, 60cms high. The lady owner had the broken bits in a cardboard box for about 15 years until she heard about me. It all fitted back together quite well although the head on the top figure was missing. When it was finished the owner gave me a big hug
Fantastic figure of a Blackamoor
Strangely, this huge pottery group of 'The judgment of Paris', had no manufacturers marks whatsoever. It was probably German circa 1880. There was a head and a few bits missing but they could all be re-made. I spent about a year on it, but it turned out extremely well.
Imari Vase, detail after restoration & paint
Imari Vase post restoration, from above
A good pair of 18th century Japanese Imari Vases, that came into the workshop in appalling condition. After re-building and filling in I airbrushed in the blue and red over a base coat but the red pattern in the inside rim I hand painted as it had an unusual thick textured matt finish.
Imari Vase, detail of restoration before paint
Prattware Vase, original neck, note previous restoration
Prattware Vase as original before alteration
Pratt Vase, new neck crafted
Prattware Vase new neck, detail of finished graft
This is a unique very rare Prattware Vase from 1850's, standing 120cm tall. Half of the neck had been cut down and badly 'bodged' up. The owner, a member of the Pratt family, asked if I could make a new neck. I said no, but after some research I found an illustration, therefore knowing what the original looked like I agreed to carry out the work and the vase looked stunning when finished
'Jack and Jill' two children crying over a broken pot, Roger Hawkins badge of office

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