A set of 4 DVDs showing a complete Pottery and Porcelain Restoration Course by Roger Hawkins, Antique Ceramics expert for BBC Antiques Restoration Roadshow.
Also Available are Holiday Restoration Courses.

Roger Hawkins in the media

2010 Notts expert to appear on new TV series

Read more: http://www.nottinghampost.com/Notts-expert-appear-new-TV-series/story-12229214-detail/story.html#ixzz3U0YXh4T4

A selection of my testimonials 

Roger Hawkins is one of the top pottery and porcelain restorers in the UK. 
Looking for a new hobby I was recommended to go on a three week training course in 1996 with him at his studio in Nottingham.  I found Roger's ability to restore and teach quite remarkable.   I finished my course excited and pleased to have learned something which gives endless satisfaction and learned a lot about antique ceramics.
Barry Reynolds

I have found the DVDs to be very helpful indeed.  I have seen all four right through a couple of times. 
I restore the porcelain as a hobby and have learnt enough to carry out all the initial stages in porcelain restoration.  I have quite a few pieces which have needed to be dismantled and reglued.  I can do that successfully.  I can also use the Milliput really well.  I found that part of the DVDs very helpful indeed and I have viewed that many times.  I am getting all my pieces to the same point of development.  Then I will go back to the DVDs again,  to learn more about the painting and glazing techniques. 
I found the lessons very helpful with terracotta.  The terracotta Milliput works really well with terracotta figures and you can mix it with the other Milliput colours (mainly white) to get exactly the right shade.  I also restore marble successfully using clear araldite and china painting powders. 
 The powders mixed with clear araldite work really well to simulate marble.
I am a slow worker.  I find this type of work very satisfying and have found your DVDs to be excellent in achieving my end.
I must say the DVDs have been enormously helpful to me in what I have achieved so far and I am sure that they will be equally helpful to me in the work that is to come.
Kay Martyn

Roger Hawkins is a master of his art with innate teaching abilities. The course was perfectly constructed and covered the whole spectrum of ceramic restoration from health and safety in the workplace through the restoration process to the choices of restoration materials and equipment. Roger outlined the approach to restoration by emphasising the three most important requirements - patience, patience and patience. On the face of it this may seem somewhat mundane and boring. However, throughout the course it became abundantly clear that haste caused frustration and waste (time and materials) whilst patience achieved satisfaction and perfection (or as near to it as inexperience allowed).

Roger illustrated his teaching with demonstrations of such quality and inspiration that I nicknamed him The Magician. His thoroughness in ensuring that all students understood and could carry out the techniques was exemplified by his one on one teaching, when necessary, so that no student was left behind. Always encouraging and employing engaging and relevant anecdotes from his career he created an ideal learning atmosphere in which students could see the larger picture of restoration and not just the item under their nose.

I came away from the course not just with a competent fledgling ability in ceramic restoration but also a wider understanding of the approach to restoration (assessing the problem, deriving a solution, artistic licence, lateral thinking etc) which markedly improved my techniques in furniture, clock and barometer restoration.

I thank Roger for the wealth of knowledge he gave me, his good humour, excellent tuition and of course his patience.

Mike Jukes
GNT Antiques'


Roger Hawkins has restored work for us for over 30 years. His work is of the highest order and when the best work possible is needed we have always contacted him. His ability for the most intricate and complex porcelain restoration is unsurpassed.


Sandra Hunt Dragon Antiques, Kettering, Northants UK



Regarding the restoration course on dvd I can tell you it was very helpful. Not only to get to know different tip, tricks and materials but also to be able to tackle some serious restorations projects offered to me around the same time I was studying your lessons.

One of the most important lesson I've learned was the so called 'trial and error' one.

All in all I'm very satisfied with my purchase of your course. Hope you will be of the same kind of help to many others.

Tim Schoenmakers


Thank you Roger for passing on your skills and introducing me to a life of antique porcelain where I found my hidden talents and thoroughly enjoyed the fifteen following years dealing with and making many new friends within and without the trade.

I would encourage anyone thinking about taking on Rogers Hawkins porcelain restoration course to dive in and grasp the opportunity with both hands. With time and effort you will find your own level of skill and thoroughly enjoy the journey whichever road it takes you down.

Thanks Roger

Ralph Osborne (Osborne House Ceramics) UK

The DVD is very good for learning restoring of porcelain and pottery.

It is very well explained too.


Walter de Potter

Already I have been able to take apart and re-glue a badly restored 18thc Kangsi vase. I am now in the process of replacing some missing parts.
your course has taught me that there is nothing I cannot do without the correct materials and practice.

Dave Coleman

I was fortunate enough to learn from Roger when he was still teaching and did his ceramic restoration course in 2001. It was quite an intensive few weeks as there was much to learn but I left feeling confident enough to immediately start tackling some of my own restoration work. Indeed I’ve been restoring ever since. Roger has always kept up with the latest techniques and materials and I’ve been in regular contact with him either to seek advice or to discuss some new approach to a given problem. Wonderful teacher and a wealth of knowledge in the conservation and restoration field.

Richard Tartt


I have really appreciated your restoration DVD and I have found the most useful advices and explanations. My feedback is absolutely positive. Considering I am an absolute beginner it is very complete.

Cristina Ponti

I have found the DVD’s really excellent, easy to follow and very informative. I have repaired/restored half a dozen pieces and must say I am pleased with the results.
Thanks Roger, another string to my bow.

Tel Turnbull

I really enjoyed the DVD course! I found it informative and have used some of the suggestions and ideas! The pace was good and content clear!
Thank you!

Martin Thomas-Jeffreys

I have not had enough time to put into practice all your methods and demonstrations shown on your fantastic DVDs, but looking forward to some free time. At which time I will be able to sit down and practice step by step with the help of your invaluable DVDs.
I already have a very basic knowledge of ceramic repair, but still have problems with lots of items, and your DVDs have explained exactly where I go wrong!
Congratulations on your production of a professional and highly instructive course.

Ann Ashton.


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